Homeworld Demo

Homeworld Demo

Homeworld is an amazing real-time strategy in the best traditions of the genre Space Opera. The epic story of Homeworld begins in the vast expanses of the universe. The hosts of a peaceful society, who lived almost in the center of the galaxy, they didn’t need any resources, and all was well until invaded conquerors who drove the survivors to a distant and lifeless planet. Hundreds of years later, all knowledge was lost. However, finding the Guiding stone, which has kept the coordinates homeworld, race regained knowledge and began to build a Mothership, which had become a refuge for millions during the journey to Homeworld.

Main features:

  • Breathcatching sci-fi plot;
  • Gorgeus 3D space battles;
  • Build your own spacecraft army;
  • Massive space battles;
  • Free Homeworld version.

Homeworld - is called Epic Real Time Strategy, no wonder the game is realy amazingly epic! This is the most exciting space themed game you’ll ever see, download free version from our siteand try it out. Dozens of great battles with beautiful space on the background! Homeworld features some great graphics that perfectly depicts the three-dimensional space dizzying landscapes, as well as ships. The game also has an amazing music and sound design, which completely immerses you into the world of space opera. There is an interesting and exciting plot that develops throughout the game. Awesome set of spacecraft - from small fighters to giant space cruisers and aircraft carriers! And, most importantly, it is an unprecedented interest in the game!

Download free Homeworld version and begin your own space odyssey to save your home land!

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Mircea :azu, 14.07.2017
faster and secure ever I found

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